Indonesian Diaspora Network Presents Leadership Award to Jokowi for Looking After Expats

President Joko 'Jokowi' Widodo said on Wednesday (21/02) that he understands the concerns of civil society groups over a recent amendment to the MD3 law. (Reuters Photo/Bobby Yip)

By : Dhania Sarahtika | on 12:06 PM July 03, 2017
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Jakarta. President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo received the "Award for Meritorious Leadership" from the executive board of the Indonesian Diaspora Network, or IDN, Global on Monday morning (03/07) at the State Palace in Jakarta.

According to a statement received by the Jakarta Globe, the award was presented as part of the 4th Congress of Indonesian Diaspora, held from July 1-4.

Ali Musthofa, the diaspora network's vice president for the Middle East and Africa, said the award was meant as a sign of gratitude to the president for the attention he has given Indonesians living abroad since he took office in 2014.

"The award is also meant to acknowledge Jokowi's efforts in creating synergy between the diaspora and their homeland, which is the main theme for this year's congress," said Butce Lie, a member of the diaspora who currently lives in Los Angeles.

IDN Global secretary general Yenni Thamrin said: "President Joko Widodo is a president who is pro-diaspora. Every time he goes overseas, he always makes time to meet with diaspora members. He also encourages Indonesian diaspora members to contribute more to the nation."

To foster closer ties between Indonesians abroad and government representatives, IDN has established several dialogue sessions, including one with representatives of IDN Qatar, the Society of Indonesian Energy Professionals (SIEP) Houston and the deputy minister of energy and mineral resources, Archandra Tahar. That meeting is scheduled to take place later on Monday.







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