Designer Hian Tjen Aims for the Stars With 'Magellani'

Models pose after the solo fashion show by Indonesian designer Hian Tjen in the ballroom of Raffles Hotel Jakarta on Wednesday (06/09). (Photo courtesy of Tim Muara Bagja)

By : Sylviana Hamdani | on 2:12 PM September 08, 2017
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Jakarta. Indonesian designer Hian Tjen presented his "Magellani" solo fashion show in the ballroom of Raffles Hotel Jakarta on Wednesday (06/09).

The theme refers to the Magellanic Clouds – two irregular dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way.

"The inspiration [for the show] came when I was camping in Morocco a few years ago," Hian said during the press conference. "I woke up at 5 a.m. [that day], came out of my tent and clearly saw the beautiful constellation of the Milky Way in the still-dark sky. Since then, I've promised myself that I would present a fashion show inspired by the stars one day."

It was Hian's second solo fashion show. The first, themed "Chateau Fleurs," also took place at Raffles Hotel Jakarta in 2015.

"Art is an important element of our hotel," said Martijn Dekker, director of sales and marketing at Raffles Hotel Jakarta. "And Hian Tjen is a fashion designer whose every work includes a touch of art. Therefore, we're very happy to host his fashion show again in our hotel."

The designer prepared for the fashion show for more than a year.

"I'm a perfectionist," said Hian, who is a member of the Indonesia Fashion Designers Council (IPMI). "I wanted my second [solo] fashion show and collection to really wow the audience."

It was a full house in Raffles Hotel Jakarta's Dian Ballroom on Wednesday evening, with socialites and many top fashion designers among the guests.

In the center of the ballroom was a huge aviary covered with a mesh fabric that sparkled with thousands of flickering lights.

The show started with a video showing birds migrating to a warmer climate during autumn.

"I was inspired by an Estonian folktale of the Milky Way [for the scene]," the 32-year-old designer said.

It tells the story of Lindu, a beautiful goddess sitting on the Milky Way, who guards and directs the birds in their migration during autumn.

Hian's 2017/2018 couture collection is quite a departure from his previously complicated designs.

The silhouettes of the dresses are now very simple and clean-cut, highlighting the quality of the fabrics and the meticulous workmanship poured into the details.

Each item is adorned with beautiful hand-embroideries and prints of the goddess Lindu, the Milky Way, clouds and birds.

"I worked with one of Indonesia's best illustrators, Ian Permana, for the prints," Hian said.

Most of his gowns are also bedecked with Swarovski crystals.

"Hian Tjen is a visionary designer," said Sebastian Cox, managing director of Swarovski for Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. "The designs are amazing. They're beautiful [and] classical, [with] real Parisian sense and style."

The fashion show culminated in the display of an elegant tiered dress, made of layered tulle with subtle color gradations from milky white to midnight blue. Swarovski crystals are dotted along the edge of each layer.

The finale of the fashion show. (Photo courtesy of Tim Muara Bagja) The finale of the fashion show. (Photo courtesy of Tim Muara Bagja)

"Hian has shown his consistency as a fashion designer with this show," top Indonesian fashion designer Sebastian Gunawan said after the show. "The concept of the show is well thought-out. And the collection itself is very beautiful."

Hian, who was born in Pemangkat, West Kalimantan, aims for the stars with his new "Magellani" collection.

"I hope the show will further establish my name in Indonesia's fashion world, as well as abroad," he said.

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