Leading Indonesian Artists Present Contemporary Art, Design in Kemang Exhibition

A mural by artist Eko Nugroho, part of contemporary art and design exhibition ICAD 2016 at the Grand Kemang hotel in South Jakarta on Friday (07/10). (JG Photo/Lisa Siregar)

By : Lisa Siregar | on 10:53 AM October 11, 2016
Category : Life & Style, Arts & Culture

Jakarta. Artist Eko Nugroho, architect Budi Pradono and fashion designer Oscar Lawalata are among seven Indonesian artists to present their latest installations at the seventh edition of the Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design, or ICAD, at the Grand Kemang hotel in South Jakarta.

Friday's (07/10) opening sees the unveiling of "Menyusun Serpihan Pelangi" ("Splinters of a Rainbow"), a mural by Eko presented on a giant wall at the front of the hotel.

As guests step further inside, they will be met with a large, black cube — a creative and meditative work by Oscar. The cube resembles the Kaaba, the sacred Muslim site in Mecca, but Oscar covers it in embroideries and hand woven textiles that symbolize the clash between religious values and modern lifestyle.

When guests look up to the ceiling of a long alley near the hotel ballroom, their curious eyes will be met by a nearly 50-meter wooden structure, an installation by the architect Budi Pradono that he calls "Kampung Vertikal" ("A Vertical Village") — a display of his vision of a village in the future.

Curator Hafiz Rancajale said these seven artists were selected because he considers them at the front frontier of visual art, design and architecture in Indonesia.

"They always have their own ideas and their creative process has been going on for years," he said.

Other artists in ICAD this year are artists Agung Kurniawan and Tita Salina, graphic designer Hermawan Tanzil and digital artists Febie Babyrose, Herbert Hans and Ruddy Hatumena, a collective popularly known as Tromarama. 

Festival director Diana Nazir said compared to last year, this year's event offers more varieties and also runs longer. Additional programs include smaller exhibitions by photographer Anton Ismael, visual artist Marishka Soekarno and fashion designers Felicia Budi and Tommy Ambiyo.

ICAD runs until Dec. 7.

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